Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Arcade - Crime City

Crime City
I’m going to keep this short and sweet here, because the best thing you can do to get to know this rare little gem is read Lord BBH’s review. Be warned, there is some colourful language in there, but that doesn’t detract from what is an excellent and hilarious read.
All I will say is that this game, which follows a formula based on Rolling Thunder / Sly Spy / E-Swat, is littered with Japlish / Engrish, and as a result you spend the start of each level wiping the tears of laughter from your eyes. The game itself is decent, but not exactly all-time-classic time-enduring quality material.
While you’re at it, you should take the time to read the rest of Lord BBH’s reviews, there’s some interesting and well-written material in there, and if you’re a fan of sarcasm you’ll be on cloud 9…

Well, go and read it for a kill time.

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